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I’m Pastor Bill Britton, an ordained minister (M.Div., Th.M) and an Evangelical Christian. I’m supporting Occupy Wall Street, and hoping to encourage other religious leaders on the more conservative end of the spectrum – in particular Evangelicals – to become involved as well. Pastors have a lot on their plates, but they can support and encourage others who feel called to this. What this movement is doing is immensely important – and consistent with many core Christian values – and thus, worthy of even the pastor’s investment of time. The liberal Christian community is already very involved, as are many who don’t identify themselves as religious. Many people in these groups are either waiting for  Evangelicals to become involved – or dismissing them as irrelevant – or even worse, part of the problem. There’s plenty to address from a uniquely Christian point of view, and I’d like to try as much as I’m able to do that. I also want to create a place for civil dialogue between people of various positions or convictions, so I hope you’ll join in by leaving a post or asking a question.


Posted December 8, 2011 by occupyevangelicals

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  1. Why do you support OWS as a Christian and have you ever studied economics?

    • Hi Kevin, No, I haven’t studied economics, and I suppose it’s probably obvious at times. LOL I have divinity degrees and certainly know my limitations in this wide-ranging discussion. As far as why I suppose OWS as a Christian, I hope everything I’ve written and will write on the site (already six blog entries) provides more and more of an answer to that question. In a nutshell though, the movement’s focus from the beginning has been on the need for social justice in our country – for fairness and equity in business and honesty and truth in government,etc. Since that time, it’s also become clear that a good number of our constitutional freedoms are in danger – freedom of the press, of assembly, or speech. These problems affect Christians as well as others, and we not only need to protect our own rights (the freedoms we take for granted when it comes to ministry, for instance), but also the rights of others who need advocates (the poor, minorities, etc.). The Bible is full of exhortations to love others, help the downtrodden, and work for justice and righteousness. God is a just and righteous God at work in our world to those ends (justice and righteousness). Christians are his hands and feet in this when they minister in predictable ways (sharing their faith, teaching the Bible, etc.) and also in what have become less typical ways (advocating for the poor, the homeless, “speaking truth to power”, etc.) Your question is a good one. Thanks for asking, and I hope my answer, while pretty brief, is helpful.

  2. Wow Pastor Bill Britton,
    Greetings. I am so happy that you requested me to follow you on Twitter. I did not want to accept, but when I viewed your site and realized that you deal with evangelism, I was moved because it is the area of my call.
    I am the founding Pastor of Global Empowerment Christian Center in Eldoret, which is a legally registered ministry dealing with evangelism, planting churches and caring for kids. There are much more other activities being carried out in ministry.
    I am so touched and do hope that we can encourage one another as well as pray for one another towards the success of the Kingdom of God.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi, I’m a christian in New Zealand. I’ve been following the OWS stuff to some extent, although very little comes through mainstream news outlets here. I’d consider my theology to be a blend of “liberal” and “fundamentalist” so I eschew either label.

    Social justice issues have often been overlooked by the conservative churches, but hopefully this is changing.

    Keep up the good work.

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