Undue Influence in Government   Leave a comment

Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist’s playbook (60 Minutes video)

Jack Abramoff: Inside Capitol Corruption (60 Minutes video)

Abramoff’s “perfect” Tactic (60 Minutes vide0)

Jack Abramoff: Buying a Congressional Hearing (60 Minutes video)

Posted Prices and the Capital Hill Stalemate Machine

What the Supreme Court Got Right

5 Ways You Can Fight Citizens United: The Story of Citizens United v FEC ….

Legal Pros Say No to Citizens United: Experts call for Constitutional Amendment ….

Real People v. Corporate “People”: The Fight Is On

Nell Minow ’77 on the Citizens United Decision

Citizens United: A Defense

Defening Citizens United

The Distorted View from Capital Hill

Pro & Con: Is the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Campaigns Bad for Democracy?

Bill Targets Fed Conflicts of Interest

Mega Bank JP Morgan Chase Receives a $14 Billion Annual Subsidy From the U.S. Government


Posted December 21, 2011 by occupyevangelicals

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