OWS and Religion   Leave a comment

The Gospel and the Poor by Tim Keller

What Christians Can Learn from the Occupy Movement

The Role of Religion in the 2012 Elections (11 brief articles)

This Thanksgiving, Occupy Yourself

Have Evangelicals Lost Their Sway? (four brief articles)

Matrix: International Religious Liberty Advocates

Sojourners Among Those Occupying Wall Street

Occupy DC: Praying for Change (video and links)

Occupy Wall Street: ‘Protest Chaplains’ Shepherd Movement’s Spiritual Side

Covering Judaism(s) at Occupy Wall Street  (Is OWS anti-Semitic?)

The Evangelical 99%

Ten Things Christians Should Know & Do About the “Occupy” Protests

Occupy Movement is Largely Secular

The Politics of Jesus in 2012  (mostly about separation of church & state, nothing explicit about OWS)

10 Things Christians Should Know and Do About the “Occupy Protests”

What Christians Can Learn From the Occupy Movement


Posted December 21, 2011 by occupyevangelicals

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