Evangelicals Explained & Critiqued   3 comments

My Take: Are Evangelicals Dangerous?

The Business of Religion vs. Jesus

Beyond Evangelical: Part I (What does Beyond Evangelical Mean?)

Beyond Evangelical: Part II (Four Major Streams of Evangelicalism)

Beyond Evangelical: Part VI (“The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Evangelicalism”)

20 Reasons Why the Christian Right & the Christian Left Won’t Adopt Me

Where People Get Scripture Wrong (NT Wright)

Evangelicals Without Blowhards

The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America

The Christian Paradox: How a Christian Nation gets Jesus Wrong

What Churches Can Learn from Occupy Wall Street

Cultural Elites: The Next Unreached People Group

Are You an Evangelical?

Racial Slavery and Abortion in America: How History Repeats Itself (understanding the Evangelical position on abortion)

Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus

The Occupation of the Lord’s Prayer

Defining “Evangelical” and Other Unsolved Mysteries

What is an Evangelical? An Overview (4 articles)

Black Evangelicals, White Evangelicals and Franklin Graham’s Repentance (on different understandings of the gospel based on race)

Are We Doing Social Justice Wrong?

My Journey Toward the “New Evangelicalism” (by Richard Cizik)

The Decline of Evangelical America

Disaffection Among Young Evangelicals


Posted January 13, 2012 by occupyevangelicals

3 responses to “Evangelicals Explained & Critiqued

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  1. . Much of the intercessory ayerpr community in Canada has been postured in this way and focused on unity and the corporate dimension of the church’s responsibility in society in recent years ; if you’re confident you have obeyed God, then there’s no need to be anxious about the result (or even to have specific expectations about what the result will be). Presumably we want the voice of the church (hopefully the Lord’s voice via the church) to be heard in society; would it make us uncomfortable if governments actually listened? Prayer brings clarity.

  2. Some very interesting articles in there, my friend. It’s too bad that the word evangelical has been so broadly applied to many who are poor examples of the evangelical quadrilateral. There are so many on the Christian Left (where I would consider myself) and secularlists that only see evangelicals as hypocrites, a la “Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus.” I have to admit, I myself leaned in that direction – it is so encouraging to see that there are those on both “sides” who are acting on the belief that as Christians we are called to follow the teachings of Christ and pursue social justice. Thank you for reminding me that it is not about left or right, it’s about moving forward according to Christ’s directive to love our neighbors. I look forward to following your posts.

    • Thanks Ruth. There are definitely people on both sides, in both parties, with different labels (among evangelicals even). I’ve identified as an Evangelical for a long time, and only in recent months, because of the haters and hypocrites you mention, have I thought about whether I could continue to do so. I’m also sympathetic to a lot of what comes under the label of Christian Left, but not all of it (and you’ll see this on my blog site). Anyway, the labels don’t matter, but “faith manifesting itself in love.” If you haven’t yet, check out Tim Keller’s book Generous Justice. Lots of good information, and also not choosing one end of the spectrum in a knee jerk way. Peace.

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