Evangelical Criticism of OWS   2 comments

Occupy Evangelism: Why Evangelicals Aren’t Occupying Wall Street


Posted December 22, 2011 by occupyevangelicals

2 responses to “Evangelical Criticism of OWS

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  1. the silence here is deafening! so, “a whole lot of nothing” is what evangelicals have to say about OWS? that’s kinda what I thought. The idea behind the site is nice though!

    • Yes Joe, it is deafening, but my site is less than a month old, so I’m still trying to get traction and some visibility. As for the lack of articles from Evangelicals critical of OWS, I just haven’t had the time yet to seek them out, and haven’t seen them in my newsreading travels otherwise. Check back in a few weeks and I hope I will have some great Evangelical “pot shots” at Occupy. (I wish Evangelicals had a site against OWS (like my blog in reverse), where they explained why and made themselves accountable for their position and provided articles making their case. I’m interested in what they have to say, unless it’s just going to be the tired, predictable stuff like, “Why don’t they just get jobs?” or “They’re probably all collecting unemployment.”, etc. I still think, like the two political parties, that we can find common ground and work together to create unprecedented solutions that go beyond partisan politics or insulting stereotypes. This is actually one of the things about OWS that has inspired me – the ability to dream about what could be outside the categories of what has been and seems a given. As Neil Young says about himself, “I’m just a dreamin’ man, yes, that’s my problem. I can’t tell when I’m not being real.” LOL

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