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Under these headings and subheadings, please find a growing list of resources on Occupy Wall Street and the movement in general, mostly in the U.S. I’m gathering, not news stories per se, but articles, photos and videos of continuing significance – for reference really. The idea to create a place where someone with a question can find an answer (e.g., “How is Occupy Wall Street like the Tea Party and how is it different?”, “Is OWS really a mostly “white” thing?”, “Is Occupy Wall Street a partisan, left wing movement?, “What problems have there been with police in their handling of OWS?”), and where you can find material/facts that you viewed previously, but have lost track of since.There definitely will be “hands on” information – e.g., how to practice peaceful resistance, how to deal with tear gas, why to password-protect your phone if you’re getting arrested, how to connect with others in your area, and how anyone can support OWS, etc. If I find it and I like it for any of these purposes, then it goes into one of these lists. I’m trying to use whatever little influence I have as a Pastor and a blogger to inform those who are yet unmoved, to advocate for the movement in general, and to call upon the Evangelical church (of whom I am a member) to rise up and take part in this great battle. I think very few things are as important as is this, and I believe the church and the people of God should be, at the very least, as involved as anyone – and that’s letting them off easy. Anyway, enjoy, and be helped, blessed, guided and encouraged. We are the 99%. We can make a difference together.



Posted December 18, 2011 by occupyevangelicals

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