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The first time I visited Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, I just wanted to see what was happening. I walked around checking out the People’s Library, the medical tent, the kitchen set up, the media center – and I started informally interviewing those who were holding signs and looked approachable – even a mother and her two (blindfolded) daughters in McDonalds. The second time I visited I went to try to work with the Protest Chaplains – but failed to connect with them. I decided to try my luck at holding up a sign, and that led to an interview with the Christian Post – and then the next day (because of the article) with my participation in a B.B.C. discussion.

The many interviews and discussions at Zuccotti Park, and these early “tests” forced me to begin to crystallize my convictions. Since that time I’ve vacillated between commitment to and obsession with the movement in it’s changing forms. I’m here to spread the word, and especially to interest and challenge Evangelical Christians and their pastors. I pick this group because it’s what I know, and because, at least when it comes to the pastors, they are conspicuous by their absence. I hope you’ll benefit from my musings and the resources I hope to make available here.

In my blog entries I will attempt to address most of the many key questions at some length, and do this, to the best of my ability from a Christian perspective. I hope that my tone will always be irenic. I’ll also be making available an extensive library of online articles and various valuable websites.

I hope you’ll find something useful here, sign up to “follow” the blog (which means you’ll automatically be notified when I post something new), and tell a friend.

“So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.” Galatians 6:10


Posted December 18, 2011 by occupyevangelicals

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  1. hey,

    stumbled upon this article and am very happy i did. i am both a passionate believer in christ as well as an enthusiastic supporter of the OWS movement, aware of the gross inequality in the world today and need to speak out against oppression. i also am aware that true strength is in christ and that any and all movements are for naught less they come in his name. the difficulty is in bringing the christian faith into a protest movement and i applaud your efforts to bridge the gap. as you know, the real battle takes place within each and every individual. all serves in bringing about the pressure needed to realize this, overcome which is not of christ within, and to surrender to his will (repentance).

    god bless and god speed,


    • Thanks for the encouragement David. As another poster said, the silence on my site (so far) from Evangelicals is deafening. That makes what you wrote even more appreciated. It’s a somewhat tricky thing I’m trying to accomplish, but I have to try, and I have confidence that there will be many others like you who are both passionate about their faith in Christ and also enthusiastic supporters of OWS who will eventually show up here. As my brother reminded me recently too, other Evangelicals are working toward many of the same goals in other ways, so OWS is not the measure of all things. Even a crumb of encouragement from them would be great though. I’d also like to see some genuine dialogue on the site – Tea Party people, Christians on the right, etc. God help us all to have humility and be open to learning from each other – and to working together on shared concerns! Do we have to be “schooled” to do that by the Occupy Wall Street Movement?! God bless you and all of us as we sail into whatever these next years hold. Bill

  2. the tea party movement started out beautifully being a true grass roots movement founded on real issues. what happened after that is difficult for the christian right to accept. the movement was highjacked, given a few pretty faces, and custom taylored to fit the 1% agenda while retaining a “christian facade”.

    the more we invest in something, the more difficult it is to accept that it was a poor investment. this is due to our ego being invested and the false ego, or false self, will do everything it can when it comes to self preservation. this is why jesus said that unless one is able to forsake all things, he is not worthy of the kingdom of heaven and it is also why the churches don’t really talk about this scripture much.

    the only way to overcome the false self, our fallen nature, is to surrender ALL to serve god completely. only in that place does the false ego have no place to hide and will eventually have to go. i must add that we are so hardwired in to our fallen nature that our will is not enough to bring us through this definitive transformation. our rebirth is only possible with the help of our lord jesus christ.

    god’s will be done,


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